How can plants and flowers promote wellness?

Bringing a whole new meaning to the term “Flower Power”, it’s a fact that flowers and plants have direct links to improving health.

We all know just how nice it is to recieve a bunch of flowers, or a plant, but have you ever taken time to think about just how much good your little token does for the person receiving, or even for yourself if your purchase was a gift from you to you?

How Do They Help?

Air Quality

Plants pull about 87% of harmful airborne chemicals and pollutants that find themselves stuck in your home, while releasing oxygen, which leaves your air cleaner to breathe. As well as absorbing toxins and releasing oxygen, plants and flowers increase humidity, which is good for the skin and your breathing.

Productivity and Creativity

We've established that plants and flowers reduce stress, but did you realise that this reduction in stress levels links to higher levels of productivity? Less stress means you feel more content and more willing to tackle any tasks that are on your long list of "To-Dos". In addition to this, you're often likely to feel more creative around all things floral which, again, increases productivity. Living and working alongside greenery shifts the brain into a different processing mode, in which tasks are likely to be carried out more accurately and boost the memory and attention span of someone by at least 20%

Mental Health

People that live around nature are often happier. Plants help us in feeling less trapped, and give us a sense of being out in the open and create a sense of peace in the home. Plants and flowers also help to evoke compassion in people as they are caring for something that relies on them and the longer we see foliage and flowers living, the more satisfied we are, and the quicker we jump to google to find answers when they wilt.

Physical Health

Keeping plants and flowers gives your immune system a real boost without you even realising. They release phytoncides and other positive chemicals to aid in relaxation, in turn improving your immune system. It's a subtle bonus, but you'll really appreciate it when you don't suffer as much during cold and flu season!

Plants and flowers are gifts that keep giving, even if it is subtle, so treat someone you care about to something that cares back.